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Bringing life back to the Nineveh Plain

By Alice Seeley

Published On April 8, 2021


Through generous donations, American Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East was able to restore the only Olive Oil Soap factory in the Bashiqa area! This project was part of our Nineveh SEED employment program. Destroyed by the ISIS invasion in 2014, this restored factory is now bringing life back to the Nineveh Plain! Before the ISIS invasion, this area was famous for its olive oil products. ISIS deliberately destroyed the ancient olive groves in the Nineveh Plain as a way of destroying livelihoods and hope in the area. This factory was completely destroyed by ISIS and was non-operational. Now this factory is functioning and is fully equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to produce olive oil products again! Restoring the factory has increased production and provided more job opportunities in this part of the Nineveh Plain.

American FRRME is delighted to work with local partners to revive this industry and restore life to the Nineveh Plain. Through your donations, American FRRME will be able to help more people through our Nineveh SEED program!

American FRRME is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes reconciliation, provides relief efforts, advances human rights, and seeks an end to sectarian violence in the Middle East.

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