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Meet Falah Zaki

By Alice Seeley

Published On August 18, 2021


Falah Zaki, a famous carpenter in Iraq, left with his family when ISIS invaded. He learned his trade at 12-years-old and led a team that built a series of beautiful churches in Qaraqosh and the surrounding areas, as well as other landmark projects. Now at the age of 50, he is a refugee in Jordan with his wife, two teenage daughters, and three younger sons. Falah is not allowed to work for a living in Jordan, and this has been extremely hard on him. 

However, he has been able to put his talents to good use by volunteering at The Olive Tree Center in Madaba, Jordan. He helped build the woodwork shop at the Madaba center and is the lead instructor of woodworking classes.

By sharing his skills and knowledge with other men he has greatly impacted the Iraqi refugee community.  Helena, our Jordan Country Director says, “The Olive Tree Center helps the Iraqi men regain a sense of purpose and dignity in their lives. It really rejuvenates them as they are able to practice and share their skills again. The Center gives them a place to step away from the despair they have felt. It has been wonderful for me to witness.”


The picture above was taken by his wife right before they fled Qaraqosh. This picture of his work has made it all the way from Iraq to Jordan through various living conditions! It truly shows how proud the family is of his work and how difficult it was to have it ripped away from him!  Through your donations, American FRRME is able to help refugees like Falah regain a sense of purpose!

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