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Meet Nadira

By Alice Seeley

Published On October 26, 2021


Meet Nadira, one of the many refugees who are eternally grateful to St. George’s Medical Clinic.  Her story is one of trauma, survival, and hope.

Originally from Baghdad, Nadira’s husband was killed in a suicide bombing in 2005. His body was so severely burnt Nadira was barely able to identify him. 

In 2014, Nadira traveled to Mosul for her daughter’s wedding. During the wedding service, the priest announced that ISIS was on their way to the Church and the congregation should flee.


Fortunately, Nadira and the rest of the congregation escaped safely. However, months later, on Christmas Eve, Nadira’s son was shopping in Baghdad when he was attacked and shot in the leg and the stomach. The attackers escaped and were not charged. 

Amid these stories of tragedy, Nadira recounts the day her grandchild was born. Her daughter was extremely overdue and urgently needed a C-Section but could not afford it. Nadira turned to St. George’s for help. “I came to St. George’s and Father Faiz arranged for the surgery to be done quickly. The doctors said that if the operation had been left any longer my daughter and her baby would have died,” said Nadira.

Thanks to your generous support Nadira’s family and many others have the access to the medical care they need!

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