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Seeds of Hope

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On February 18, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the refugees American FRRME supports in Jordan remain resilient. They continue to teach that through these tough times, faith, patience, fortitude, friendship, and hope for better times will overcome the fear of the unknown…

Meet Sahar

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On February 10, 2021

Sahar (names have been changed) is a 35-year-old refugee mother of four. Originally from Qaraqosh (in Northern Iraq) Sahar and her family left Qaraqosh in the middle of the night on August 8th, 2014 when ISIS arrived. Fortunately, they safely…

The Hope

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On January 19, 2021

Since 2014, the height of the ISIS rampage across Iraq and Syria, villages have crumbled. Countless communities have been hollowed out, as families fled to escape the violence. These families need support. “The Hope”, a support, prayer, and English language…

Hope and Healing

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On January 11, 2021

Refugee sisters Reem and Nadia (names are changed to protect them) have undergone difficult trials but their faith still remains. First, their father disappeared one night in Iraq.  He was never found and presumed killed.  Later in 2014, ISIS invaded…

Rescued From a “Living Grave”

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On December 21, 2020

When ISIS invaded the Nineveh Plain, life became very difficult for many of the refugees American FRRME supports. However, due to Iraq’s war-torn history, the Baltoo family (names have been changed to protect the family’s identity) experienced hardship long before…

Please Join Us On Facebook Live To Pay Respects To General David E. Greer

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On October 26, 2020

American Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East invites you to join us on Facebook Live to pay our respects to our former Executive Director, Brigadier General David E. Greer.  General Greer passed away on July 30th, 2020…

Field Notes from Helena

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On Various

American FRRME- COVID-19 Relief Strategy Update: American FRRME has continued to implement all government-imposed criteria necessary to safely reopen Olive Tree Center. This includes hand sanitizer being mounted on walls, regular cleaning, mask-wearing, regulation of class and center attendance, and social…

Good News From The Harsham Soccer Project

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On October 13, 2020

Three years ago American Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East started funding the Harsham Soccer Project to restore the soccer field in the Harsham Internally Displaced People’s Camp in northern Iraq.  The soccer field was completed in…

Children In The Middle East Don’t Have Access To Remote Learning

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On September 16, 2020

The past few months have been filled with debate over the reopening of schools and universities. Many schools are adopting a hybrid approach of part-time classes and remote learning and some are entirely remote due to COVID-19. Due to these…

Covid Updates

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On Various

Ten miles away from an American military base in Syria is Camp Rukban. Here 8,000 refugees are starving and isolated from the outside world.  The only good news amidst this horrible situation is the zero cases of COVID- 19 in…

We Mourn The Passing Of Executive Director Brigadier General David E Greer.

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On August 3, 2020

  With great sadness, we announce the passing of our Executive Director, Brigadier General David E. Greer. General Greer passed away on Thursday, July 30th, 2020. He was 69 years old. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, General Greer graduated from…

Syrian Refugees Forced Out Of Lebanon

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On July 25, 2020

  In the past week, President Michel Aoun of Lebanon renewed his call for Syrian refugees to return to Syria, as Lebanon believes the Syrian refugees have had serious repercussions on Lebanese society and economy. The Lebanese President ordered this…

Helping The Strangers Among Us

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On July 24, 2020

70.8 million people around the world are currently refugees.  They have been forced to flee from their homes because of violence, persecution, and war.  As Christians, we are called to love and help them.  They are what the Bible calls…

The Struggles of Refugee Women

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On July 17, 2020

The life of a refugee is hard, but for a female refugee, it is even harder. Refugee women have experienced violence and war that have forced them to flee their homes.  They often experience more violence on their way to…

The Syrian Crisis Worsens

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On July 15, 2020

  With a severe bread shortage caused by many bakeries suspending work because of a lack of flour and a rise in the price of baking materials, Syria currently faces the risk of mass starvation or another mass exodus. Anti-regime…

A Beautiful Example Of Servant Leadership

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On July 9, 2020

Interview with Brigadier General David E. Greer, who is the current Executive Director of the American Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East. Alice: How did you and your wife Susan meet? General Greer: We meet at a…

Religious Freedom in The Middle East

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On June 24, 2020

For peace to be obtained religious freedom and the ability for members of different religions to coexist peacefully is necessary. Religious freedom is a global concern yet more people are persecuted for their faith now than at any other time…

The Refugee Crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On June 22, 2020

Since 2011, over 2 million refugees have fled their homes and have found refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan.  Now, 28 percent –almost one third– of Iraqi Kurdistan’s overall population is made up of refugees. Kurdistan is a region in Northern Iraq. …

The Number of Refugees Has Doubled in the Past Decade

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On June 20, 2020

Nearly 80 million people worldwide qualify as refugees, asylum seekers, or internally displaced. This number rose by 9 million from a year earlier.  It is close to double the 41 million recorded in 2010, despite Covid-19 restrictions slowing down movement. …

To Many Refugees, Starvation Is a Bigger Threat Than COVID-19.

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On June 17, 2020

Refugees are already at risk for starvation, but due to COVID-19, they are at an even higher risk. In normal circumstances, starving is a constant worry for refugees. Refugee camps rarely have enough resources.  Now, COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions have…

Christian Persecution in the Middle East Continues

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On June 6, 2020

The persecution of Christians in the Middle East is near genocide levels. The Christians of the Middle East are no strangers to persecution, but it has worsened significantly in the past 20 years and has led to a significant exile…

Living Conditions Of Refugees in Jordan

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On May 28, 2020

Currently, the Syrian conflict is the largest source of internally displaced people in the world. There are nearly 5.5 million Syrian refugees in the Middle-East.  As of 2019, Jordan, which borders Syria, had registered 662,010 of these refugees. Jordan is…

The Yazidi Genocide

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On May 22, 2020

The Yazidis are a religious ethnic minority, living primarily in northern Iraq. The terrorist group ISIS has accused them of devil worship and because of this has have committed genocide as well as other horrendous crimes against the Yazidi people.…

The Iraq Refugee Crisis

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On May 21, 2020

  Iraq has suffered from decades of conflict with other nations and internal strife. However, the current Iraqi refugee crisis began when militants attacked Christians and ethnic minorities. In 2014, ISIS, the militant group known for its brutality, started to…

The Syrian Civil War Crisis

  • By Alice Seeley

  • Published On May 13, 2020

  One of the worst humanitarian crises of modern time has been going on for ten years, as of March 2020. This crisis is the Syrian civil war. Over the total course of this catastrophic war, 12 million Syrians have…

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