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Olive Tree Center

There is truly no place like home


For Christians who have lost everything, the Olive Tree Center provides community, healing, and hope for the future.


What if you lost your home and everything you own? In 2014, hundreds of thousands of Christians were forced to flee their homes in Iraq, Syria and other neighboring countries to avoid certain death at the hands of ISIS. They left in the dead of night – leaving behind their homes, possessions, careers, friends and family. Many camped in cemeteries and gardens for several months, separated from their loved ones and struggling to survive.

Since then, violence against Christians and other minority groups in the Middle East has caused several waves of refugees to leave their homeland in search of safety. Many fled to the Kingdom of Jordan, where there are currently over three million refugees from 53 nationalities. The over one million Christians who fled here have been denied citizenship, and all children born here are considered stateless.

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