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Olive Tree Farm in Bashiqa

By Alice Seeley

Published On October 23, 2021


Made possible by your donations, American FRRME and Mosaic Middle East planted 500 olive trees at the Olive Tree Farm in Bashiqa! This Nineveh SEED project restored an olive tree farm that was destroyed by ISIS. Nineveh SEED programs are helping people restore their lives. Our work in Bashiqa is particularly focused on building community, as it is a mixed community of Muslims, Yazidis, and Christians.   

The Nineveh SEED program provides management and development of these projects through team members in Iraq. Abdulrahman Isaac, Mosaic Middle East, Iraq program manager, and Naeel,  Field Monitoring Officer – are both based in northern Iraq and worked on this project with implementation partners, Ghasin Al-Zaiton.

Abdulrahman said: “After ISIS was defeated in this town, people returned… but they found their olive farms burned. On one hand, those farms were the main source of income for the farm owners, and on the other hand, they were the main source of income for young people with different ethnoreligious backgrounds who were working there.”

Through the Nineveh SEED program, more families are able to return and rebuild their lives. Your gifts help restore hope and a sustainable future for these families.

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