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August 6th Event at Olive Tree Center Garners Worldwide Media Attention for Iraqi Refugees
by Keely Jahns August 11, 2022


On August 6th, 2022, Iraqi refugees and friends of the community gathered at the Olive Tree Center in Madaba, Jordan to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the ISIS invasion of the Nineveh Plain. Their displays of resilience and joy were an affront to the the insurgents who inflicted terror on their communities eight years ago. The event was a brilliant display of culture and healing, and has garnered attention from news outlets around the world. See what the press is saying about the event, about Iraqi Christians, and our mission, here: 

The Baptist Press | Christians still displaced from northern Iraq 8 years after ISIS invasion

The Christian Post | Refugees commemorate 8th anniversary of Islamic State invasion of Iraq 

Baptist Standard | Iraqi Christians still displaced eight years after ISIS invasion

Church Leaders | Christians Still Displaced From Northern Iraq 8 Years After ISIS Invasion

Christianity Daily (South Korea) – IS 이라크 침공 8주기…미 구호단체 “기독교 난민 100만명 무국적자”  (8th Anniversary of the IS Invasion of Iraq… US Aid Group Says 1 Million Christian Refugees are Stateless)

Real America’s Voice | American Sunrise | AFRRME Chairman, Col. Max Wood, on American Sunrise discussing the persecution of Iraqi Christians

The Worldview in 5 Minutes Podcast Features:

Iraqi Christians Attacked by ISIS Need YOUR Help

Christian Iraqis Celebrate 7-year Anniversary After ISIS attack

Iraqi Christians Mark Tragic Anniversary

Life is not easy for Iraqi refugees. As adversity grows, programs are needed to

protect the most vulnerable of these refugees. American FRRME is committed to offering long term self-sustaining programs and opportunities to help empower refugees and Internally Displaced Persons. Donations to American FRRME go to programs that will aid in the survival of families facing violence across the Middle East.

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