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A Prayer of Blessing at The Olive Tree Center
American FRRME Staff 
September 8, 2022


On August 6, 2022, the Iraqi refugee community gathered together at The Olive Tree Center to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the 2014 ISIS insurgency in Iraq. They gathered to sing, pray, and remember the day that changed their lives forever.

Um Rama is a Jordanian woman who has been supporting the Iraqi refugee community since they arrived in Madaba and now helps run the programs at The Olive Tree Center. To open the event on August 6, Um Rama prayed this prayer of blessing over the event, the center and the Iraqi people in Madaba.

Almighty God. Creator. Teacher. Healer.
We are thanking you for this special day.
We are praying and begging you to shower these people
with your blessings and give them eternal peace.

Touch the people around me,
keep them happy and safe .
Give them love, compassion and care.

Thank you Lord for this lovely event
and thank you for American FRRME.

Thank you for this great place and this Center
that is the reason for all of the blessings
and the great things for all the Iraqi people that are living here in Madaba.

Bless all the people here dear God.
Bless our event.
Bless all the things that we do
and allow all the people to feel happy and excited today.

Blessed be your name, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

American FRRME’s Mission of Hope, Help, and Healing

American Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (American FRRME) is a U.S.-based Christian charity that aims to bring hope, help and healing in the Middle East, assisting Iraqi Christian refugees and other religious minorities.

American FRRME works to support the ongoing needs of Iraqis – primarily Christian Iraqis – who fled Iraq and Kurdistan during the ISIS insurgency in 2014. The organization supports those displaced within Iraq many of whom remain living in Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps in Baghdad and northern Iraq, as well as supporting those who fled to neighboring Jordan. 

Working in partnership with churches in Iraq and Jordan, American FRRME is on the ground, providing food, clothing, education and more. In 2019 we established the Olive Tree Center in Madaba, Jordan. The center provides a safe and accessible place for Iraqi refugees to gather together and celebrate their culture together. Crucially, the center provides education and therapeutic activities including English classes, sewing, art and music, along with a mosaic and wood workshop and fresh produce garden.

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