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Everyone Loves Ice Cream

By Alice Seeley

Published On June 24, 2021

Ice cream is everyone’s favorite summer treat! That is why we are very excited to announce the completion of our latest Nineveh SEED project, the Sweet and Ice Cream Shop in Teleskuf!  Teleskuf is just 8 miles from Mosul, which was an ISIS stronghold and was on the front line of the war for three years. 

Abdulrahman Isaac, American FRRME’s Iraq Program Director, was very excited about the reopening of the Sweet Shop:  “Before the ISIS conflict, there were several sweet shops in the town, but after the liberation of the town there were no such shops anymore. The project has set up a wonderful bakery with great ice cream, giving a social meeting place for families with children in not just Teleskuf, but the surrounding area as well. The sweet project is very important because there are no similar factories in Teleskuf and its surrounding areas. The shop will be the main source for local people to obtain fresh sweets for their parties and wedding parties, which is such a strong and unifying part of Iraqi culture.

Furthermore, and very importantly, it is providing jobs for at least 7 local young people; vulnerable Christian youths with no other source of employment. The Nineveh SEED program is all about providing such livelihoods.”

This shop provides a small sense of normalcy to a war-torn area, which was made possible through your generous donations!


Through the Nineveh SEED program, we create jobs for the benefit of individuals and their communities, and ultimately encourage people to return home. Providing jobs is so important in helping those who fled for their lives return home and start a new life. Livelihoods are essential to enable people to stay. The transformation from destruction to hope has begun in Teleskuf. However, only half of the population has returned.

This is only possible with your support! Through your prayers and your generosity, we can provide jobs to Christian refugees in Nineveh Plain. 


American FRRME is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes reconciliation, provides relief efforts, advances human rights, and seeks an end to sectarian violence in the Middle East.

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