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Nineveh SEED

Rebuilding lives and livelihoods

We’re slowly seeing change for the better.

In 2014, thousands of Iraqi and Syrian Christians fled their homes in the dead of night to escape certain death at the hands of ISIS insurgents. Many of these Christians were native to the Nineveh Plain, Iraq’s breadbasket.

SEED stands for
‘Sustainable Enterprise Economic Development’

Through the Nineveh SEED projects, led by the English charity Mosaic Middle East, we supported programs that helped to build job skills, provide benefits for the community and ultimately, encouraged displaced people to return to their homeland. We will continue to work with and seek out other partners to support sustainable projects that will help to renew economic development, support vocational training, and provide occupational and small business opportunities in the Nineveh Province once again.

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Read the latest report on
Nineveh SEED Projects

Will you partner with us in restoring hope and a sustainable future?

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